Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009


Unser Katze Platten-Regal platzt aus allen Nähten. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen, den restlichen Oktober einen absoluten Ausverkaufs-Blast zu starten. Zu den Bestellungen kommt natürlich noch der gewohnte Porto-&Verpackungspreis (variiert je nach Bestellmenge)

Folgende Releases bieten wir dafür reduziert an:


7" (alle aufgeführten Scheiben im Oktober für je 3,00€!!)

Absorbor - Schlagbohrkopf VINYL 7"
Aggra Makabra / Do androids dream of electric sheep? VINYL Split 7"
Babette Vageena and her Clone / Roxy Epoxy - Split VINYL 7"
The Boozehounds - Here we go VINYL 7"
Chung - Hot Ears VINYL 7"
Criatura / Disface Split VINYL 7"
Drugstop - I Need A Drink VINYL 7"
Hellpetrol - ...can give you a hard time VINYL 7"
Karate Disco - I killed Bambi VINYL 7"
Lipkick - Attack Of The Appron Dress Zombies VINYL 7"
Mazzolata - Free your mind! VINYL 7"
The Moorat Fingers - Razorblade VINYL 7"
My Early Mustang - Runaway VINYL 7"
Over the Top - Keep on Truckin..! VINYL 7"
Radioactive Toys / The Schöne Hubätz - Split VINYL 7"
The Schön - s/t VINYL 7"
Shakin Nasties / The Shocks - Split VINYL 7"
Skeezicks - There..s a Charlie Brown in everyone of us VINYL 7"
The Tangled Lines - Wash Your Shit Off VINYL 7"
USF - Choice Cuts fr. t. infamous Behold Insanity - Demo Tape VINYL 7"
Undressed Army - Hier ist alles geil VINYL 7"

12“ (alle aufgeführten Scheiben im Oktober für je 7,00€!!)

Alarm / Chispas Split VINYL 12"
The Bionic Elbows - s/t VINYL 12"
The Ghoulies - Reclaim the world VINYL 12"
Karate Disco - s/t VINYL 12"
Titz - Miracle Mile VINYL 12"

CDs (alle aufgeführten Scheiben im Oktober für je 5,00€!!)

Cut My Skin - On the Edge CD
Disco Lepers - The Girls Of Cholera CD
Dora Diamant - Im Leichenschauhaus CD
E.N.JoyAble - IsitIndia? CD
The Hemoriders - Diary of Diarrhea CD
Killer Racoon Fish - Too Lazy To Die CD
Lafftrak - Echsenparty CD
Love Dictator - s/t CD
M.A.M.A. - Rock as Fuck CD
Maroque - s/t CD
Se Sichelzecken - Was soll das sein, eine Generation? CD
Sommerset - More songs from last century CD
V/A - Real Songs for Real People CD

CD-Rs (alle aufgeführten Scheiben im Oktober für je 2,50€!!)

A Fora Deb Arrastu / Feciia Tricolore - Split CD
Boulderdash - Skeletor CD-R
Einmannjan - Emoschienerie CD-R - Before we go CD-R
Hellpetrol - Saturday Night we lost three teeth CD-R
KSK - musikalisch pikant, politisch brisant (Da Vorab Stuff 2004) CD-R
Lafftrak - Sweet Home Lemuria CD-R
The Tiger Mess - Unfinished and raw Materials CD-R

Darüber hinaus unser supertolles Katze Platten Ober-Special. Bestellt unsere letzten 4 Releases im Paket und spart ganze 8,49€!

Das Paket beinhaltet folgende Releases:

KOMMANDO ZURUECK – From Out Of Space (CD) (Normalpreis: 7,00€)
HELLPETROL – Don..t touch the Masterknob (CD) (Normalpreis: 8,00€)
PORNOHEFT – F.H.l.P. (Buch+CD) (Normalpreis: 14,99€)
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE – Nur Flops (7“) (Normalpreis: 3,50€)

Für insgesamt nur 25,00€! (plus 3,00€ für Porto & Verpackung!)

Der Normalpreis einer Bestellung der 4 Veröffentlichungen beträgt 33,49€.

Die Aktion gilt ab heute (07. Oktober 2009) und endet Ende Oktober (31. Oktober 2009). Und natürlich nur solange der Vorrat reicht. Sollten wir bestimmte Tonträger zum Zeitpunkt der Bestellung nicht mehr auf Lager haben, können wir versuchen, die Platten bei anderen Labels oder Bands nachzubestellen oder euch an diese verweisen.

Bei Interesse an diesem Special bitte eine e-mail an

Vielen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit.

Katze Platten

Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

NEWSFLASH: 3 new releases, new shows and web 2.0 shit!

Shitloads of new shit.

First of all there are three new Hammer-Releases out on Katze Platten. First there´s
the EP of Cologne Hardcore-Act BOULDERDASH. 4 brutal punches in
yer face on the beautiful "Skeletor" E
P which comes as CD-R.

Release No. 2 makes us very very happy, ´cause the 4 Düsseldorf guys of
really made it and finally release their debut-album
"Don´t touch the ma
sterknob". What a horny record!

Not less horny is the hot vinyl by our new label-hope NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.
n their in uncountless colors available 7inch the three insane boys from Earth´s Core freak out 13 times and let mouths stay wide open.

more info about the releases on And of course you´re invited to make your order in our Mailorder rightaway.

Further w
e are on Twitter now. If you like, add us to your specialists and get the craziest Katze-News to stay up to date. Check it out on

Last but not least, check out tourdates and make sure to catch one (or more) of those outrageous freaks live on stage:


16/10/10 (fri) Oberhausen, Druckluft

6/11/09 (fri) Neunkirchen, JUZ

10/10/09 (sat) Berlin, Wohnzimmerparty

05/12/09 (sat) Münster, Wohnzimmerparty
20/02/10 (sat) Schüttorf, Juze

09/10/09 (fri) Bad Nenndorf, Juz

10/10/09 (sat) Warendorf, Dublin Road
16/10/09 (fri) Oberhausen, Druckluft
28/11/09 (sat) Berlin, Lokal
30/12/09 (wed) Köln, Blue Shell

09 (fri) Schneverdingen, Juz
19/09/09 (sat) Greven, Cityfest

22/09/09 (tue) Hamburg, Hafenklang
24/09/09 (thu) Graz (AT), Music House

25/09/09 (fri) Köln, Club Scheisse - CD Release Party

26/09/09 (sat) Übach Palenberg, Tatort Musikclub
30/09/09 (wed) Dresden, Chemiefabrik
01/10/09 (thu) Berlin, Wild at Heart

09/10/09 (fri) Hamburg, Headcrash
10/10/09 (sat) Hamburg, Headcrash
16/10/09 (fri) Berlin, Knaack

17/10/09 (sat) Magdeburg, Sackfabrik
23/10/09 (fri) Lustenau (AT), Szene
24/10/09 (sat) Bad Wörishofen, Juz
29/10/09 (thu) Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
30/10/09 (fri) Harsefeld, Gymnasium
31/10/09 (sat) Bremen, Lagerhaus

07/11/09 (sat) Weinheim, Café Central
13/11/09 (fri) Bielefeld, Falkendom

14/11/09 (sat) Dortmund, FZW

20/11/09 (fri) Köln, Werkstatt

21/11/09 (sat) Aachen, Musikbunker
28/11/09 (sat) Hannover, Bei Chèz Heinz

03/12/09 (thu) Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
04/12/09 (fri) Stuttgart, Zwölfzehn
11/12/09 (fri) Kufstein (AT), Kufa
12/12/09 (sat) München, Backstage


02/10/09 (fri) Kamen, JKC
17/10/09 (sat) Dortmund, Painthouse
24/10/09 (sat) Detmold, Alte Pauline
30/10/09 (fri) Tübingen, Wagenburg
31/10/09 (sat) Stuttgart, Juha West

07/11/09 (sat) Rastatt, Art Canrobert
14/11/09 (sat) Köln, Bauwagenplatz "Schöner Wohnen"

19/09/09 (sat) Köln, Bauwagenplatz "Schöner Wohnen" - Wer traut sich?!
21/10/09 (wed) Münster, Sputnik Café

26/09/09 (sat) Solingen, Der Parkplatz beim Hastenrath

19/09/09 (sat) Berlin, Lokal

14/11/09 (sat) Wiesbaden, Nassauischer Kunstverein
28/12/09 (mon) Oberhausen, Punk im Pott


29/09/09 (tue) Köln, Connection - Christian Gottschalks Connection-Show

03/12/09 (thu) Bonn, Bar Ludwig

06/12/09 (sun) Overath, OJO


18/09/09 (fri) Pomona, CA (USA), Characters

03/10/09 (sat) Eagle Rock, CA (USA) - Eagle Rock Music Fest

13/10/09 (tue) Oklahoma City, OK (USA), Hi-Lo Club

15/10/09 (thu) Minneapolis, MN (USA), tba

17/10/09 (sat) Chicago, IL (USA), Ronnys

18/10/09 (sun) Milwaukee, WI (USA), The Y-Not III

21/10/09 (wed) Cleveland, OH (USA), The 5 O’ Clock Lounge

23/10/09 (fri) Brooklyn, NY (USA), Lost & Found

24/10/09 (sat) Brooklyn, NY (USA), tba

31/10/09 (sat) Gainesville, FL (USA), The Fest!

06/11/09 (fri) Fort Worth, TX (USA), 1919 Hemphill

08/11/09 (sun) Austin, TX (USA), Fun Fun Fun Fest

Thanks for reading and if you want more info about everything, just go to

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Hey! We are Katze Platten!

Hi people,

we are Katze Platten from Cologne, Germany - a small label releasing music, doing some shows and doing promotion for our bands since 2005. During the last four years we released about 40 CDs, CD-Rs, Tapes and (because it is what our tiny hearts beat for) Vinyl-Records.

Katze Platten always tried to "do-it-yourself" most of the time, but since everybody got an own definition about what DIY is and what not and since we´ve done some pressed CDs in the last few month, we better call ourself a small indie-label.

We wanna use this blog to mainly spread the word, inform you about DIY in general, post news about our label and mailorder containing a shitload of awesome cheap stuff and enlarge our network.

Get more info on our homepage:

I hope you´re having fun reading this blog in the future.

All the best,

Katze Platten