Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Hey! We are Katze Platten!

Hi people,

we are Katze Platten from Cologne, Germany - a small label releasing music, doing some shows and doing promotion for our bands since 2005. During the last four years we released about 40 CDs, CD-Rs, Tapes and (because it is what our tiny hearts beat for) Vinyl-Records.

Katze Platten always tried to "do-it-yourself" most of the time, but since everybody got an own definition about what DIY is and what not and since we´ve done some pressed CDs in the last few month, we better call ourself a small indie-label.

We wanna use this blog to mainly spread the word, inform you about DIY in general, post news about our label and mailorder containing a shitload of awesome cheap stuff and enlarge our network.

Get more info on our homepage:

I hope you´re having fun reading this blog in the future.

All the best,

Katze Platten

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